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As an agricultural marketing and research company with decades of experience, we have found a way to combine the power of radio with the reach of the internet, plus the popularity of social media to help more than 1,000 clients establish or improve their online presence.
- Brian Hale, founder, AgSearch by Hale Multimedia : Standing by to help you next!  Call or Text 940-224-6315 

Website Design and Hosting

$ 10.00-70.00 per month
  • We have the ability to build and host a website for virtually any budget.
  • DIY and Non-Profit $10 / mo Standard Hosting $25 / mo
  • Custom Website, Hosting & Marketing pkg is only $70 / month

Advertising and Marketing

$ 7.00-70.00 per month
  • U.S. Based, Ag-Related Businesses get a Free listing on
  • Level I - $7.00 per month
  • Level II - $20.00 per month
  • Level III - $70.00 / month 700 Club - Best Value

Virtual Event Technology

$ 1K-10K per event
  • Don't Cancel those Events! We have an affordable online virtual solution.
  • Expos / Trade Shows
  • Auctions
  • Art Shows
  • Your Next Idea

Ag Search by Hale Multimedia




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Client Revenue Generated is an ag-exclusive Search Engine.

Hale Multimedia is our parent company and Developer.

Hale Marketing is our Marketing partner.

Hale Broadcasting is our Radio partner.

Together, we work for you.

Ag Search Technologies, LLC

Offices in
TX and NE

(940) 386-1806

Phone or Text Msg
  • Brian Hale 940 224-6315
  • Andi Hale 940 224-6211
  • Howard Hale 308 220-8262