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1. Burwell Livestock Market II, LTD (3)
   Burwell, Nebraska    308 346-4257

One of the Sandhill's largest cattle auctions featuring choice and fancy stocker and feeder cattle. Cattle sales every Friday in Burwell, Nebraska.

http://www.burwelllivestock.com   [found 95340 times]

2. Grays Angus Ranch (3)
   Harrison, Nebraska    (308) 668-2525

SELLING PRIVATE TREATY - Call 308 668-2525
120 years of time tested genetics are found in Grays Angus Ranch Seedstock.

http://www.graysangusranch.com   [found 159757 times]

3. Cattlemans Corner (2)
   Minatare, Nebraska    308 783-2150

Daily radio program featuring interviews with people in the cattle business.

https://cattlemanscorner.com   [found 183296 times]

4. Vista Trend Gelbvieh (2)
   Gering, Nebraska    (308) 436-7219

VISTA TREND GELBVIEH and JBK GELBVIEH and ANGUS have been raising QUALITY Registered GELBVIEH seedstock in the Panhandle of Nebraska for twenty years. We have Tademarked the 'REGULATOR' (R) which is an Angus/Full Blood Gelbvieh cross that has proven to be a very powerful cross. Our Annual Bull Sale date is the last Saturday of March each year. Sale is at Platte Valley Livestock in Gering, Nebraska and begins at 1:00 pm.

http://www.vistatrendgelbvieh.com   [found 188573 times]

5. Platte Valley Livestock Inc. (2)
   Gering, Nebraska    (308) 436-2192

Welcome To Platte Valley Livestock: Gering Nebraska Livestock Market. Sales every Monday selling all classes of livestock feeder cattle as advertised.

http://www.plattevalleylivestock.com   [found 164565 times]

6. Broken Arrow Angus (2)
   Harrison, Nebraska    308-668-9460

Our program has been focused on profitability from the beginning and the phenotype, pedigree and numbers of these bulls validates this claim. We expect our cows to breed in a 45-day period and start calving the middle of March.

http://www.brokenarrowangus.com   [found 175691 times]

7. Handel Marketing LLC (2)
   Rapid City, South Dakota    (605) 399-9278

We deal in any breed but specialize in Herefords. If you're looking to buy or sell, contact Art.

http://www.arthandelscattle.com   [found 162187 times]

8. Ficke Cattle Company (2)
   Pleasant Dale, Nebraska    402-795-6210

http://fickecattle.com   [found 163640 times]

9. Torrington Livestock Markets
   Torrington, Wyoming
   http://www.torringtonlivestock.com   [found 190019 times]

10. Emuckfaw Creek Farm
   Daviston, Alabama
   http://emuckfaw.com/   [found 59796 times]

11. Smith Angus Ranch
   Basset, Nebraska
   http://www.smithangus.com   [found 71489 times]

12. Crawford Livestock Market
   Crawford, Nebraska
   http://www.crawfordlivestock.com/   [found 183098 times]

13. Scotts Bluff County Fair
   Mitchell, Nebraska
   http://www.scottsbluffcountyfairgrounds.com   [found 255778 times]

14. Wagon Wheel Ranch
   Yuma, Colorado
   http://www.wagonwheel-ranch.com   [found 171599 times]

15. Carstens Farms LTD
   Adair, Iowa
   http://www.carstensfarms.com   [found 83660 times]

16. McPhee Red Angus
   Lodi, California
   https://www.mcpheeredangus.com/   [found 3899 times]

17. American Cattle Services
   Chattanooga, Oklahoma
   http://www.americancattleservices.com/   [found 67551 times]

18. Effertz Key Ranch
   Velva, North Dakota
   http://www.effertzkeyranch.com   [found 79845 times]

19. Sandmeier Charolais
   Bowdle, South Dakota
   http://www.sandmeiercharolais.com   [found 56243 times]

20. Wienk Charolais Ranch
   Lake Preston, South Dakota
   http://www.wienkcharolais.com   [found 50825 times]

21. Windmill Angus Ranch
   Haigler, Nebraska
   http://www.windmillangus.com   [found 81121 times]

22. Schuler Red Angus
   Bridgeport, Nebraska
   http://www.schulerredangus.com   [found 131029 times]

23. Mike Sitz Angus Ranch
   Burwell, Nebraska
   http://mikesitzangus.com   [found 79142 times]

24. SpringLake Angus
   Lynch, Nebraska
   http://www.springlakeangus.com/   [found 46979 times]

25. Holden Herefords
   Valier, Montana
   http://www.holdenherefords.com   [found 60565 times]

26. BB Cattle Company
   Connell, Washington
   http://www.bbcattle.com   [found 62790 times]

27. Beckton Red Angus
   Sheridan, Wyoming
   http://www.becktonredangus.com   [found 7579 times]

28. American Salers Association
   Parker, Colorado
   http://www.salersusa.org   [found 109251 times]

29. Glasgow Stockyards Inc
   Glasgow, Montana
   http://www.glasgowstockyards.com   [found 48659 times]

30. Lorenzen Ranches
   Bend, Oregon
   http://www.lorenzenranches.com   [found 46780 times]

31. Schawang Cattle Co.
   David City, Nebraska
   http://www.schawangcattle.net   [found 184471 times]

32. Pope Farms
   Ravenna, Nebraska
   http://www.popefarms.com   [found 79884 times]

33. Connealy Angus
   Whitman, Nebraska
   http://www.connealyangus.com   [found 56522 times]

34. Sellman Ranch
   Crawford, Nebraska
   http://www.sellmanranch.com   [found 203559 times]

35. Billings Livestock Commission
   Billings, Montana
   http://www.billingslivestock.com   [found 134800 times]

36. Riverbend Ranch
   Idaho Falls, Idaho
   http://www.riverbendranch.us   [found 49754 times]

37. Judd Ranch
   Pomona, Kansas
   http://www.juddranch.com   [found 61448 times]

38. Ferguson Angus
   Agra, Kansas
   http://fergusonangus.com/   [found 155077 times]

39. 7P Ranch
   Winona, Texas
   http://www.7pranch.com   [found 69997 times]

40. HD Dunn and Son Angus Ranch
   Tetonia, Idaho
   http://www.hddunn.com   [found 75490 times]

41. Redd Ranches
   Paradox, Colorado
   http://www.reddranches.com   [found 28120 times]

42. Snyder Livestock Company, Inc.
   Yerington, Nevada
   http://www.slcnv.com   [found 45140 times]

43. Booths Cherry Creek Ranch
   Veteran, Wyoming
   http://www.boothscherrycreekranch.com   [found 157531 times]

44. DeRouchey Cattle Company
   Mitchell, South Dakota
   https://www.deroucheycattle.com/   [found 108570 times]

45. Ridder Hereford Ranch
   Callaway, Nebraska
   http://www.ridderranch.com   [found 53039 times]

46. Apex Cattle
   Dannebrog, Nebraska
   http://www.apexcattle.com   [found 63589 times]

47. Pleasant Valley Saddle Shop
   Prescott, Arizona
   http://pvsaddleshop.com/   [found 60435 times]

48. A W Thorne Land and Cattle
   Adair, Oklahoma
   https://www.thornecattle.com/   [found 172324 times]

49. Agle Family Show Cattle
   South Vienna, Ohio
   http://showsteers.com/Agle/index.htm   [found 64891 times]

50. Krueger Club Calves
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota
   http://club-calves.com/   [found 44532 times]

51. Mike Detherage Show Steers
   Fairland, Oklahoma
   http://www.showsteers.com/Detherage   [found 40998 times]

52. Sheridan Livestock Auction
   Rushville, Nebraska
   http://www.sheridanlivestock.com   [found 64775 times]

53. Vision Angus
   Amherst, Colorado
   http://www.visionangus.com   [found 149544 times]

54. Osborne Livestock Commission, LLC
   Osborne, Kansas
   http://www.osbornelivestock.net/   [found 17062 times]

55. 3M Simmentals
   Leakesville, Mississippi
   https://www.facebook.com/3M-Simmentals-1074773949230997/   [found 51131 times]

56. Kramer Angus
   Farina, Illinois
   http://www.kramerangus.com/   [found 31595 times]

57. Van Newkirk Herefords
   Oshkosh, Nebraska
   http://www.vannewkirkherefords.com   [found 43227 times]

58. Dybdal Charolais
   Newcastle, Nebraska
   http://www.dybdalcharolais.com   [found 44380 times]

59. Sunflower Genetics, LLC
   Maple Hills, Kansas
   http://www.sunflowergenetics.com   [found 50344 times]

60. Euchee Creek Cattle Company
   Cushing, Oklahoma
     [found 28478 times]

61. Dickinson Ranch
   Gorham, Kansas
   http://dickinsonranch.com/   [found 46349 times]

62. Dvorak Herefords
   Lake Andes, South Dakota
   http://www.dvorakherefords.com   [found 60104 times]

63. Bauman Cattle Co.
   Briggsdale, Colorado
   http://baumancattle.com   [found 65235 times]

64. Gleue Show Cattle
   LeRoy, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/Gleue-Show-Cattle-Miller-Cattle-Sale-193539407444709/   [found 53633 times]

65. Cheyenne Charolais
   Wasta, South Dakota
   http://www.cheyennecharolais.com   [found 46293 times]

66. Nissen Angus
   Chinook, Montana
   http://www.nissenangus.com   [found 31100 times]

67. Triple H Simmentals
   Hannaford, North Dakota
   http://www.triplehsimmentals.com   [found 49026 times]

68. Larson XL Simmental
   Lemmon, South Dakota
   http://www.xlsimmental.com   [found 47087 times]

69. James Creek Simmental
   Heaton, North Dakota
   http://jamescreeksimmental.com   [found 73264 times]

70. Triangle J Ranch
   Miller, Nebraska
   http://trianglejranch.com   [found 56726 times]

71. Bobcat Angus
   Galata, Montana
   http:///www.bobcatangus.com   [found 68208 times]

72. Paint Rock Angus
   Hyattville, Wyoming
   http://www.paintrockangus.com   [found 51281 times]

73. Downey Ranch, Inc.
   Wamego, Kansas
   http://downeyranch.com   [found 54426 times]

74. ENS Cattle Company
   Dighton, Kansas
   http://www.enscattlecompany.com   [found 67862 times]

75. Pollard Farms
   Enid, Oklahoma
   http://www.pollardfarms.com   [found 51461 times]

76. Van Beek Ranch
   Pollock, South Dakota
   https://www.facebook.com/VAN-BEEK-ANGUS-388014858234967/   [found 53210 times]

77. Mid Continent Farms
   Washington, Kansas
   http://www.midcontinentfarms.com   [found 112835 times]

78. L Bar L Angus
   Wallace, Nebraska
   http://lbarlangus.com   [found 128109 times]

79. Jim Baker Herefords
   Rapid City, South Dakota
   http://www.bakerherefords.com   [found 89580 times]

80. Flying H Genetics
   Arapahoe, Nebraska
   http://flyinghgenetics.com   [found 61028 times]

81. Nebraska Bull Service
   McCook , Nebraska
   http://www.nebraskabullservice.com/   [found 58928 times]

82. Goode Angus Bull Sale
   Pampa, Texas
   http://www.goodeangus.com   [found 30627 times]

83. 2 Bar Angus
   Hereford, Texas
   http://www.2barangus.com/   [found 52780 times]

84. J and N Ranch, LLC.
   Leavenworth, Kansas
   http://www.blackhereford.com/   [found 62597 times]

85. Southeast Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Assn.
   Jackson, Missouri
   http://www.semobeef.com/   [found 48422 times]

86. Del Hawk Cattle Co.
   Janesville, Wisconsin
   http://www.delhawkcattle.com/   [found 50904 times]

87. Western Livestock Auction, LLC
   Great Falls, Montana
   http://www.westernlivestockmontana.com   [found 78494 times]

88. Open Gate Ranch
   Fairfield, Montana
   http://www.opengateranch.com   [found 69434 times]

89. Adams Angus Farm, Inc.
   Union Springs, Alabama
   http://www.adamsangus.com/   [found 47162 times]

90. Kaiser Angus
   Park, Kansas
   http://www.kaiserangus.com/   [found 29074 times]

91. OKC West Livestock Market, LLC
   El Reno, Oklahoma
   https://www.okc-west.com   [found 72841 times]

92. Bear Paw Livestock
   Chinook, Montana
   http://www.bearpawlive.com   [found 76038 times]

93. Apache Auction Market
   Apache, Oklahoma
   http://www.apacheauction.com   [found 49486 times]

94. Platte Livestock Market
   Platte, South Dakota
   http://www.plattelivestockmarket.com/   [found 55926 times]

95. Aberdeen Livestock Sales Co.
   Aberdeen, South Dakota
   http://aberdeenlivestock.com/   [found 31583 times]

96. Tama Livestock Auction
   Tama, Iowa
   http://tamalivestock.com/   [found 49865 times]

97. Jordan Cattle Auction
   San Saba, Texas
   http://www.jordancattle.com/   [found 50242 times]

98. Westwind Angus Ranch
   Oroville, California
   http://www.westwindangus.com/   [found 61661 times]

99. Cow Camp Beef
   Lost Springs, Kansas
   http://www.cowcampbeef.com   [found 6622 times]

100. Sullivan Farms Maternal Legends
   Dunlap, Iowa
   https://maternallegends.com/   [found 41074 times]

101. Trickle Creek Red Angus
   Odebolt, Iowa
   https://www.tricklecreekredangus.com/   [found 16305 times]

102. Benton County Sale Barn
   Siloam Springs, Arkansas
   http://www.bentoncountysalebarn.com/   [found 39586 times]

103. White Hawk Beef Makers
   Buchanan, Georgia
   https://whitehawkbeefmakers.com/   [found 33436 times]

104. Escalon Livestock Market
   Escalon, California
   http://www.escalonlivestockmarket.com/   [found 48510 times]

105. Faith Livestock Auction
   Faith, South Dakota
   http://www.faithlivestock.com/   [found 30809 times]

106. Nimmer Twin Oaks Farms
   Rockton, Illinois
   http://www.nimmertwinoaksfarms.com   [found 36471 times]

107. V8 Ranch
   Wharton, Texas
   https://v8ranch.com   [found 45515 times]

108. ZNT Cattle
   Rhome, Texas
   http://www.zntcattle.com   [found 35510 times]

109. Bauer Farms
   Fairbury, Nebraska
   https://www.facebook.com/BauerFarms/   [found 31483 times]

110. Flying Diamond Ranch
   Ordway, Colorado
   http://www.flyingdiamondlonghorns.com/   [found 35137 times]

111. SS Backwards Longhorns
   Medora, Illinois
   http://www.ssbackwardslonghorns.com/   [found 35039 times]

112. Gilliland Longhorn Ranch, LLC
   Dexter, Kansas
   http://www.gillilandlonghornranch.com/   [found 24195 times]

113. Rockin' J Longhorns
   Downs, Kansas
   http://www.rockinjlonghorns.com/   [found 38752 times]

114. Sand Hills Ranch
   Mansfield, Louisiana
   https://www.sandhillsranch.com   [found 51409 times]

115. Michigan Mafia Longhorns
   Dowling, Missouri
   http://www.michiganmafialonghorns.com   [found 22644 times]

116. Young Ranch Longhorns
   Manchester, Michigan
   http://www.youngranchlonghorns.com/   [found 35945 times]

117. Widespread Ranch
   Lowell, Michigan
   http://www.widespreadranch.com/   [found 22434 times]

118. Lucky Falling Star Ranch
   West Plains, Missouri
   http://www.luckyfallingstarranch.com/   [found 59858 times]

119. RKJ Longhorns
   Peculiar, Montana
   http://www.rkjlonghorns.com/   [found 49352 times]

120. Moose Willow Longhorn Ranch
   Roberts , Montana
   http://www.moosewillowranchlonghorns.com   [found 36257 times]

121. Smith Longhorns
   Killdeer, North Dakota
   http://www.smithlonghorns.com/   [found 17094 times]

122. Bluestem Longhorns
   Blanchard, Oklahoma
   http://www.bluestemlonghorns.com   [found 23836 times]

123. Crazy Cattle Company
   Wellsville, Pennsylvania
   http://www.crazycattlecompany.com/   [found 32236 times]

124. Nel-Tam Longhorns
   Richland, Pennsylvania
   http://www.neltamlonghorns.com/   [found 42478 times]

125. Buffalo Gap Longhorns, LLC
   Abilene, Texas
   http://www.buffalogaplonghorns.com/   [found 23921 times]

126. Helm Cattle Company
   Ferris, Texas
   http://www.helmcattlecompany.com/   [found 33146 times]

127. Lazy A Ranch
   Shepherd, Texas
   http://www.lazyaranch.org/   [found 19645 times]

128. OCK Longhorns LLC
   Belton, Texas
   http://www.ocklonghorns.com/   [found 15125 times]

129. Red McCombs Ranches of Texas
   Johnson City, Texas
   http://www.redmccombslonghorns.com/   [found 22576 times]

130. Red Peak Ranch
   Rockwall, Texas
   http://www.texaslonghornbreeder.com/   [found 19438 times]

131. Silver T Ranch
   Dallas, Texas
   http://www.silvertranch.com/   [found 19124 times]

132. Timbercreek Longhorns
   McKinney, Texas
   http://www.timbercreeklonghorns.com/   [found 16441 times]

133. Tio Benito Longhorns
   Corpus Christi, Texas
   http://www.tiobenitolonghorns.com/   [found 17165 times]

134. XC Longhorns
   Hillsboro, Texas
   http://www.xclonghorns.net/   [found 19702 times]

135. Y4 Longhorns
   Elkhart, Texas
   https://www.y4longhorns.com/   [found 25078 times]

136. Cliffhanger Genetics
   Sheridan, Wyoming
   http://www.cliffhangergenetics.com/   [found 33602 times]

137. Eby Cattle Company
   Emporia, Kansas
   http://www.ebycattle.com/   [found 29980 times]

138. Harms Plainview Ranch
   Lincolnville, Kansas
   http://www.harmsranch.com/   [found 15786 times]

139. Mill Brae Ranch LLC
   Maple Hill, Kansas
   http://www.millbraeranch.com/   [found 33092 times]

140. Bar J Ranch
   Brooten, Minnesota
   http://www.barjranch.com/   [found 43656 times]

141. 4M Angus
   Blue Hill, Nebraska
   http://www.4mangusfarm.com/   [found 40441 times]

142. Baldridge Brothers Performance Angus
   North Platte, Nebraska
   http://www.baldridge.net/   [found 38214 times]

143. Green Valley Cattle
   Atkinson, Nebraska
   http://www.greenvalleycattle.com/   [found 31274 times]

144. Manzano Angus
   Estancia, New Mexico
   http://www.manzanoangus.com/   [found 27000 times]

145. Springfield Angus
   Louisburg, North Carolina
   http://www.springfieldangus.com/   [found 20600 times]

146. Lamoni Livestock Auction
   Lamoni, Iowa
   http://www.lamonilivestock.com/   [found 11141 times]

147. Mid Tex Livestock Auction, LLC
   Anderson, Texas
   http://www.midtexlivestock.com/   [found 14275 times]

148. Muskingum Livestock Auction Company
   Zanesville, Ohio
   http://muskingumlivestock.com/   [found 16874 times]

149. Roswell Livestock Auction Sales, Inc.
   Roswell, New Mexico
   http://www.roswelllivestockauction.com   [found 9007 times]

150. North Missouri Livestock Auction LLC
   Milan, Missouri
   http://www.northmissourilivestockauction.com   [found 8237 times]

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