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1. Grays Angus Ranch (3)
   Harrison, Nebraska    (308) 668-2525

SELLING PRIVATE TREATY - Call 308 668-2525
120 years of time tested genetics are found in Grays Angus Ranch Seedstock.

http://www.graysangusranch.com   [found 170531 times]

2. Cattlemans Corner (2)
   Minatare, Nebraska    308 783-2150

Daily radio program featuring interviews with people in the cattle business.

https://cattlemanscorner.com   [found 193414 times]

3. Horsemans Corner (2)
   Minatare, Nebraska    308-783-2150

Howard Hale interviews people involved in the world of horses

http://www.horsemanscorner.com   [found 271938 times]

4. Wyoming West Realty LLC (2)
   Guernsey, Wyoming    (307) 836-2222

Our real estate agents have a wide range of experience to assist in any real estate situation. Our Realtors handle residential, commercial, farm and ranch, property management and referrals.

http://www.wyomingwestrealty.com   [found 194490 times]

5. Topp Herefords (2)
   Grace City, North Dakota    701 674-3152

PRODUCTION SALE - FEB 14 @ 1:00 PM at the Ranch


http://toppherefords.com   [found 23983 times]

6. Vista Trend Gelbvieh (2)
   Gering, Nebraska    (308) 436-7219

VISTA TREND GELBVIEH and JBK GELBVIEH and ANGUS have been raising QUALITY Registered GELBVIEH seedstock in the Panhandle of Nebraska for twenty years. We have Tademarked the 'REGULATOR' (R) which is an Angus/Full Blood Gelbvieh cross that has proven to be a very powerful cross. Our Annual Bull Sale date is the last Saturday of March each year. Sale is at Platte Valley Livestock in Gering, Nebraska and begins at 1:00 pm.

http://www.vistatrendgelbvieh.com   [found 204661 times]

7. Platte Valley Livestock Inc. (2)
   Gering, Nebraska    (308) 436-2192

Welcome To Platte Valley Livestock: Gering Nebraska Livestock Market. Sales every Monday selling all classes of livestock feeder cattle as advertised.

http://www.plattevalleylivestock.com   [found 176045 times]

8. Dennis Cattle Co (2)
   Terral, Oklahoma    (580) 662-9211

Guided hunts that include wild hogs, Whitetale deer, Rio Grande turkey, and Bobwhite quail. We also offer hog eradication by helicopter, sales of Hereford Cattle, and Quarter Horses.

http://www.denniscattlecompany.com   [found 223154 times]

9. Broken Arrow Angus (2)
   Harrison, Nebraska    308-668-9460

Our program has been focused on profitability from the beginning and the phenotype, pedigree and numbers of these bulls validates this claim. We expect our cows to breed in a 45-day period and start calving the middle of March.

http://www.brokenarrowangus.com   [found 188154 times]

10. Handel Marketing LLC (2)
   Rapid City, South Dakota    (605) 399-9278

We deal in any breed but specialize in Herefords. If you're looking to buy or sell, contact Art.

http://www.arthandelscattle.com   [found 169931 times]

11. Ficke Cattle Company (2)
   Pleasant Dale, Nebraska    402-795-6210

http://fickecattle.com   [found 171217 times]

12. Emporia Livestock Sales Co. (2)
   Emporia, Kansas    (620) 342-2425

http://www.emporialivestock.com   [found 136292 times]

13. Swihart SI Feeders (2)
   Quinter, Kansas    800-864-4595

This approach makes dollars and sense, by using an area smaller than a pasture and larger than a feedlot. These S.I. Feeders reduce stress and provides a better environment for the cattle year around. An Arrow Front feeder will take any type of feed to a clean area where it can be consumed with less waste and reduces the manure buildup.

http://www.swihart-sales.com/si-feeders   [found 90089 times]

14. Jamison Ranch (2)
   Quinter, Kansas    785-754-3424

We are a family operation that has been raising top quality L1 Hereford cattle for over 40 years. Our horse program centers around the Sunfrost, Driftwood, and Hancock bloodlines. Click the banner for more info!

http://jamisonranch.com   [found 33474 times]

  15. Hale Broadcasting
   Minatare, Nebraska    9402246315
   http://www.halebroadcasting.com   [found 256182 times]

  16. Wilson Wildlife Plots
   Scottsbluff, Nebraska    308-635-2640
   http://www.chicory.company   [found 90798 times]

17. Hereford America Newspaper
   Reva, South Dakota
   http://www.herefordamerica.com/   [found 122158 times]

18. Torrington Livestock Markets
   Torrington, Wyoming
   http://www.torringtonlivestock.com   [found 200086 times]

19. Arkansas Cattle Auction, LLC
   Searcy, Arkansas
   https://arkansascattleauction.com/   [found 69665 times]

20. Edje Web Design
   Urbandale, Iowa
   https://edje.com/directory/   [found 44954 times]

21. Emuckfaw Creek Farm
   Daviston, Alabama
   http://emuckfaw.com/   [found 70415 times]

22. Smith Angus Ranch
   Basset, Nebraska
   http://www.smithangus.com   [found 85254 times]

23. Crawford Livestock Market
   Crawford, Nebraska
   http://www.crawfordlivestock.com/   [found 188563 times]

24. Beef Cattle Classifieds
   Bells, Texas
   http://www.beef-cattle.net   [found 58039 times]

25. The Ag Center
   Amarillo, Texas
   http://www.agcenter.com   [found 42221 times]

26. Carstens Farms LTD
   Adair, Iowa
   http://www.carstensfarms.com   [found 96110 times]

27. McPhee Red Angus
   Lodi, California
   https://www.mcpheeredangus.com/   [found 10380 times]

28. Bagley Performance Horses
   Dimmitt, Texas
   http://www.bagleyperformancehorses.com   [found 99234 times]

29. Rogers Bar HR
   Collins, Mississippi
   http://www.rogersbarhr.com   [found 46699 times]

30. Effertz Key Ranch
   Velva, North Dakota
   http://www.effertzkeyranch.com   [found 88970 times]

31. Sandmeier Charolais
   Bowdle, South Dakota
   http://www.sandmeiercharolais.com   [found 65010 times]

32. Wienk Charolais Ranch
   Lake Preston, South Dakota
   http://www.wienkcharolais.com   [found 58930 times]

33. M6 Charolais
   Alvarado, Texas
   http://www.m6ranch.com   [found 56603 times]

34. Outfront Cattle Service
   College Station, Texas
   http://www.outfrontcattle.com   [found 50577 times]

35. Superior Livestock Auction
   Fort Worth, Texas
   http://www.superiorlivestock.com   [found 81432 times]

36. Windmill Angus Ranch
   Haigler, Nebraska
   http://www.windmillangus.com   [found 97572 times]

37. Schuler Red Angus
   Bridgeport, Nebraska
   http://www.schulerredangus.com   [found 138402 times]

38. Montana Red Angus Association
   Three Forks, Montana
   http://www.mtredangus.com   [found 54526 times]

39. Mike Sitz Angus Ranch
   Burwell, Nebraska
   http://mikesitzangus.com   [found 90274 times]

40. Holden Herefords
   Valier, Montana
   http://www.holdenherefords.com   [found 66556 times]

41. Beartooth Ranch
   Columbus, Montana
   http://www.beartoothranch.com   [found 66655 times]

42. Angus Journal
   St. Joseph, Missouri
   http://www.angusjournal.com   [found 62140 times]

43. Meyer Company Ranch
   Helmville, Montana
   http://www.meyerbeef.com   [found 43824 times]

44. BB Cattle Company
   Connell, Washington
   http://www.bbcattle.com   [found 73762 times]

45. Beckton Red Angus
   Sheridan, Wyoming
   http://www.becktonredangus.com   [found 16505 times]

46. American Salers Association
   Parker, Colorado
   http://www.salersusa.org   [found 118930 times]

47. Basin Angus
   Hobson, Montana
   http://www.basinangus.com   [found 47317 times]

48. Schawang Cattle Co.
   David City, Nebraska
   http://www.schawangcattle.net   [found 197278 times]

49. Pope Farms
   Ravenna, Nebraska
   http://www.popefarms.com   [found 96330 times]

50. Schimke Ranch Performance Horses
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota
   http://www.schimkeranch.com   [found 103854 times]

51. Arapaho Ranch
   Thermopolis, Wyoming
   http://www.arapahoranch.com   [found 43615 times]

52. Sellman Ranch
   Crawford, Nebraska
   http://www.sellmanranch.com   [found 213739 times]

53. Billings Livestock Commission
   Billings, Montana
   http://www.billingslivestock.com   [found 148284 times]

54. Judd Ranch
   Pomona, Kansas
   http://www.juddranch.com   [found 72064 times]

55. Ferguson Angus
   Agra, Kansas
   http://fergusonangus.com/   [found 169169 times]

56. 7P Ranch
   Winona, Texas
   http://www.7pranch.com   [found 80580 times]

57. HD Dunn and Son Angus Ranch
   Tetonia, Idaho
   http://www.hddunn.com   [found 85402 times]

58. Snyder Livestock Company, Inc.
   Yerington, Nevada
   http://www.slcnv.com   [found 49618 times]

59. DeRouchey Cattle Company
   Mitchell, South Dakota
   https://www.deroucheycattle.com/   [found 121325 times]

60. AberTees Shorthorns
   O'Neill, Nebraska
   http://www.abertees.com/   [found 58967 times]

61. Ohlde Cattle
   Palmer, Kansas
   http://www.ohldecattle.com/   [found 63064 times]

62. Bormann Red Angus & Simmental
   Livermore, Iowa
   http://breedingcattlepage.com/bormann/index.htm   [found 79584 times]

63. A W Thorne Land and Cattle
   Adair, Oklahoma
   https://www.thornecattle.com/   [found 189639 times]

64. Miller Cattle Company
   Silver Creek, Nebraska
   http://www.millercattle.com   [found 57309 times]

65. Agle Family Show Cattle
   South Vienna, Ohio
   http://showsteers.com/Agle/index.htm   [found 78065 times]

66. Potts Show Cattle
   Wichita Falls, Texas
   http://www.pottsshowcattle.com   [found 48638 times]

67. Brandt Farms
   Corning, Iowa
   http://brandtfarms.net   [found 72241 times]

68. Cagwin Farms and Cagwin Cattle Services
   Virginia, Illinois
   http://www.cagwincattle.com/   [found 88111 times]

69. CRC Show Steers
   Coleman, Texas
   http://www.clubcalves.com/crcshowsteers.htm   [found 67848 times]

70. Diamond M Shorthorns
   Godfrey, Illinois
   http://www.diamondmshorthorns.com   [found 39246 times]

71. Sheridan Livestock Auction
   Rushville, Nebraska
   http://www.sheridanlivestock.com   [found 72125 times]

72. Treffer Ranch
   Broken Bow, Nebraska
   http://www.trefferranch.com   [found 186876 times]

73. Vision Angus
   Amherst, Colorado
   http://www.visionangus.com   [found 158830 times]

74. Huss Livestock Market, LLC
   Kearney, Nebraska
   http://www.hussauction.com/   [found 58204 times]

75. 3M Simmentals
   Leakesville, Mississippi
   https://www.facebook.com/3M-Simmentals-1074773949230997/   [found 64227 times]

76. Snowy Hill Cattle Farm
   Beaver City, Nebraska
   http://snowyhillcattle.com   [found 67203 times]

77. Dvorak Herefords
   Lake Andes, South Dakota
   http://www.dvorakherefords.com   [found 66427 times]

78. Bauman Cattle Co.
   Briggsdale, Colorado
   http://baumancattle.com   [found 77909 times]

79. Triple H Simmentals
   Hannaford, North Dakota
   http://www.triplehsimmentals.com   [found 56577 times]

80. James Creek Simmental
   Heaton, North Dakota
   http://jamescreeksimmental.com   [found 87202 times]

81. Four State Livestock Auction
   Hagerstown, Maryland
   http://www.fourstateslivestocksales.com/   [found 33278 times]

82. Bobcat Angus
   Galata, Montana
   http:///www.bobcatangus.com   [found 80520 times]

83. Universal Semen Sales, Inc.
   Great Falls, Montana
   http://www.universalsemensales.com   [found 225785 times]

84. Connelly Angus Ranch
   Valier, Montana
   http://www.connellyangus.com   [found 75980 times]

85. ENS Cattle Company
   Dighton, Kansas
   http://www.enscattlecompany.com   [found 80471 times]

86. J and J Cattle Co, LLC
   Orlando, Oklahoma
   http://www.jandjcattle.com   [found 87372 times]

87. Bowie Livestock Sale Barn
   Bowie, Texas
   http://bowietexaslivestock.com   [found 86233 times]

88. Open A Bar 2 Ranch
   Lyman, Nebraska
   http://openabar2ranch.com   [found 177127 times]

89. Pochop Farm and Ranch Angus
   Atwood, Kansas
   http://pochopfarmandranch.com   [found 80650 times]

90. Mid Continent Farms
   Washington, Kansas
   http://www.midcontinentfarms.com   [found 123191 times]

91. L Bar L Angus
   Wallace, Nebraska
   http://lbarlangus.com   [found 137910 times]

92. Golden Bear Farm
   Kiel, Wisconsin
   http://www.goldenbearfarm.com/   [found 44860 times]

93. Jim Baker Herefords
   Rapid City, South Dakota
   http://www.bakerherefords.com   [found 100226 times]

94. Brute Cattle Equipment/ Dodge Mfg.
   Dodge, Nebraska
   http://www.dodgemfg.com   [found 80980 times]

95. Bison Industries, Inc.
   Norfolk, Nebraska
   http://apacheequipment.com   [found 81391 times]

96. Silver Towne Farms
   Winchester, Indiana
   http://silvertownefarms.com   [found 54399 times]

97. Sankey's 6N Ranch
   Council Grove, Kansas
   http://www.sankeys6nranch.com/   [found 65206 times]

98. J and N Ranch, LLC.
   Leavenworth, Kansas
   http://www.blackhereford.com/   [found 73174 times]

99. Southeast Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Assn.
   Jackson, Missouri
   http://www.semobeef.com/   [found 54408 times]

100. Perez Cattle Co
   Nara Visa, New Mexico
   http://www.perezcattleco.com   [found 42973 times]

101. Woodward Livestock Auction, Inc.
   Woodward, Oklahoma
   http://wwlivestockauction.com   [found 94572 times]

102. Del Hawk Cattle Co.
   Janesville, Wisconsin
   http://www.delhawkcattle.com/   [found 57692 times]

103. Open Gate Ranch
   Fairfield, Montana
   http://www.opengateranch.com   [found 77580 times]

104. Lewis Cattle Oilers
   Bryan, Texas
   http://www.usalewiscattleoilers.com   [found 79584 times]

105. Sawblade Ranch
   Chico, Texas
   http://sawbladeranch.com/   [found 60083 times]

106. Montana Livestock Auction
   Ramsay, Montana
   http://www.montanalivestockauction.com   [found 72408 times]

107. Split Ear Ranch
   Loup City, Nebraska
   http://www.splitearranch.com/   [found 67943 times]

108. Kuhn's Red Angus
   Napoleon, North Dakota
   https://www.kuhnsredangus.com/   [found 45837 times]

109. Flying B Farms
   Petal, Mississippi
   http://www.flyingbfarm.com/   [found 78471 times]

110. Baker Cattle Company
   Snyder, Oklahoma
     [found 29059 times]

111. OKC West Livestock Market, LLC
   El Reno, Oklahoma
   https://www.okc-west.com   [found 87215 times]

112. Amite Livestock Sales, Inc.
   Amite, Louisiana
   http://www.amitelivestocksales.com/   [found 85296 times]

113. Valentine Livestock
   Valentine, Nebraska
   http://www.valentinelivestock.net   [found 82736 times]

114. Sidney Livestock Market Center
   Sidney, Montana
   http://sidneylivestock.com/   [found 75729 times]

115. Charlie Brown Auction Company / OK Cow Sales
   Chickasha, Oklahoma
   http://charliebrownauction.com   [found 67553 times]

116. Cattleman's Livestock Commission Company
   Dalhart, Texas
   http://www.cattlemanslivestock.net/   [found 60746 times]

117. Vintage Angus Ranch
   Modesto, California
   http://www.vintageangusranch.com/   [found 51170 times]

118. Westwind Angus Ranch
   Oroville, California
   http://www.westwindangus.com/   [found 76820 times]

119. KP Ranch
   Tekamah, Nebraska
   https://kpranch.com/   [found 8863 times]

120. Triple Crown Ranch
   Angleton, Texas
   https://triplecrownranch.net/   [found 60084 times]

121. White Hawk Beef Makers
   Buchanan, Georgia
   https://whitehawkbeefmakers.com/   [found 41049 times]

122. Sharp Land and Cattle
   Healy, Kansas
   https://www.sharplandandcattle.com   [found 36653 times]

123. Escalon Livestock Market
   Escalon, California
   http://www.escalonlivestockmarket.com/   [found 57646 times]

124. Ratliff 3R Bar Ranch
   Washington, Oklahoma
   http://ratliff3rbarranch.com   [found 32325 times]

125. Stein Angus Farm
   Stillwater, Oklahoma
   http://www.angusjournal.com/steinangusfarm/   [found 38150 times]

126. V8 Ranch
   Wharton, Texas
   https://v8ranch.com   [found 61850 times]

127. GKB Cattle
   Waxahachie, Texas
   https://gkbcattle.com   [found 45716 times]

128. Hill Cattle Company
   Louisburg, Kansas
   http://hillcattleco.com   [found 39905 times]

129. Rockin' J Longhorns
   Downs, Kansas
   http://www.rockinjlonghorns.com/   [found 47649 times]

130. Sand Hills Ranch
   Mansfield, Louisiana
   https://www.sandhillsranch.com   [found 65021 times]

131. Lucky Falling Star Ranch
   West Plains, Missouri
   http://www.luckyfallingstarranch.com/   [found 72431 times]

132. Might As Well Ranch
   Pacific, Missouri
   http://www.mightaswellranch.com/   [found 65900 times]

133. RKJ Longhorns
   Peculiar, Montana
   http://www.rkjlonghorns.com/   [found 62629 times]

134. Beaver Creek Cattle Company
   Ponca City, Oklahoma
   http://www.beavercreeklonghorns.com/   [found 61820 times]

135. Safari B Ranch
   Elk City, Oklahoma
   http://www.safarib.com/   [found 66739 times]

136. Burrows Longhorn Cattle Company
   Timpson, Texas
   http://www.burrowslonghorns.com/   [found 42550 times]

137. Johnson Cattle Marketing
   Wortham, Texas
   https://www.johnsoncattlemarketing.com/   [found 36095 times]

138. Bar J Ranch
   Brooten, Minnesota
   http://www.barjranch.com/   [found 58818 times]

139. Shannon Creek Quarter Horses
   Olsburg, Kansas
   http://shannoncreekquarterhorses.weebly.com/   [found 44491 times]

140. Baldridge Brothers Performance Angus
   North Platte, Nebraska
   http://www.baldridge.net/   [found 48723 times]

141. Blume Cattle
   Pierre, South Dakota
   http://www.blumecattle.com/   [found 37046 times]

142. Springfield Livestock Marketing Center
   Springfield, Missouri
   http://springfieldlivestockmarketingcenter.com/   [found 27414 times]

143. Southeast Mississippi Livestock
   Hattiesburg, Mississippi
   https://semlauction.com/   [found 24445 times]

144. Legendary Livestock
   Bismarck, North Dakota
   https://www.legendarylivestock.com/   [found 33151 times]

145. Comanche Livestock Auction
   Comanche, Oklahoma
   https://www.facebook.com/comanchelivestock   [found 15841 times]

146. Hi-Country Cattle Auction
   Hesperus, Colorado
   http://hi-countryauction.com   [found 25981 times]

147. Santa Teresa Livestock Auction
   Santa Teresa, New Mexico
   http://stla.us   [found 28064 times]

148. Navasota Livestock Auction
   Navasota, Texas
   http://www.navasotalivestock.com   [found 14594 times]

149. Premier Livestock and Auctions, LLC
   Withee, Wisconsin
   http://www.premierlivestockandauctions.com   [found 33324 times]

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