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1. Harvest USA Report (3)
   Minatare, Nebraska    308 783-2150

http://www.harvestusareport.com   [found 155143 times]

2. US Custom Harvesters Inc (3)
   Turon, Kansas    620-200-1381

U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. is an association of professional custom harvesters, serving the needs of the American farmer. The organization was established and chartered in 1983 in the State of Texas and serves as a link between the harvesters and the many groups of people they work with, such as farmers, businesses, State and Federal Government. We are a dues funded, membership organization with the Harvest News magazine as our primary means of communicating with members. We harvest the grain that feeds the world!

http://www.uschi.com   [found 201505 times]

3. Zeller Harvesting Co. (3)
   Herington, Kansas    7853660972

Matthew Zeller of Zeller Harvesting Co, has spent his entire career in custom silage harvesting. Zeller Harvesting Co is dedicated to providing our customer with the custom product they need in the most efficient and professional manner. A lifetime of experience dedicated to your cows daily ration.

https://zellerharvestingco.com   [found 29770 times]

4. Beckley Harvesting Inc. (3)
   Atwood, Kansas    785-443-1450

The harvest finds us traveling through six states and harvesting over 50,000 acres a year. Crops cut include: wheat, durum, canola, mustard, peas, flax, oats, barley, grass seed, corn, milo, soybeans, sunflowers, lentils, and rye.

https://beckleyharvesting.com   [found 40710 times]

5. Columbia Consulting Consortium LLC (3)
   Tucson, Arizona    520-849-5183

The implement dealers have priced cutter and chopper equipment, essentially, to shift the incidence of cutting and chopping operational profit back to themselves. Cutters and choppers must improve economies of scale and lower equity costs of capital to overcome this barrier. One strategy is to introduce high-bracket capital partners into the capitalization of your business. By contributing back the tax savings to the business, the capital partner lowers the cutter or chopper's debt load. Give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss your specific business and to learn how the Columbia Capital Partner Program may be beneficial to you. Ask for a free copy of Randall's Drake Journal of Agricultural Law article, "Contract Harvesting and Treasury's Farming Business Definition Executive Fiat."

http://www.columbiaconsortium.com/   [found 41484 times]

6. JKD Harvesting (3)
   Colby, Kansas    785-460-7693

From May through November, make plans to join JKD Harvesting as we journey and make stops in the north central plains of Texas, the panhandle of Oklahoma and the beautiful plains of Kansas. Our journey then continues north to include stops in both the black hills of South Dakota and great plains of North Dakota.

http://jkdharvesting.com/   [found 26688 times]

7. KB Custom Ag Services, LLC (3)
   Ault, Colorado    970-834-2508

HIRING CDL DRIVERS NOW : Click the link or logo to APPLY NOW! KB Custom Ag Services LLC is a family-owned and operated business that takes great pride in providing a full range of custom forage harvesting services. We pride ourselves in our dedication, commitment, perseverance, and respect for our clients and employees. We have operation hubs in Texas, Kansas, and Colorado. Our corporate headquarters is located in Ault, CO. Our services include: custom harvesting, trucking, fertilizer application and agronomy services.

http://www.kbcustomag.com/forage-harvesting-application   [found 37849 times]

8. Schemper Harvesting (3)
   Holdrege, Nebraska    308-995-2789

Schemper Harvesting is a family-owned and operated custom harvesting business whose main purpose is to provide a professional harvesting service to farmers throughout the Midwest and the Great Plains. We harvest wheat and other small grains, corn and soybeans throughout the USA with John Deere combines and a complete line of up-to-date supporting equipment.

http://www.schemperharvesting.com/   [found 46812 times]

9. Shepherd Harvesting (3)
   Onida, South Dakota    605-264-5559

From May through November my crew harvests grain crops, mostly wheat from Texas to North Dakota, and we finish with fall crops in my home area around Onida, South Dakota.

http://www.shepherdharvesting.net/   [found 25208 times]

10. Stolzenburg Harvesting (3)
   Clyde, Kansas    214-202-2313

Stolzenburg Harvesting is owned and operated by George and Daniel Stolzenburg. Stolzenburg Harvesting owns three late model CaseIH combines and 35ft MacDon headers. The harvest season begins in southern Oklahoma in May and finishes up in South Dakota in late October or early November. We harvest a large variety of crops which include: Wheat, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Barley, Milo, Canola, & Flax.

http://stolzenburgharvesting.com   [found 31206 times]

11. Jantzen Harvesting, LLC (3)
   Plymouth, Nebraska    402-239-8420

Jantzen Harvesting, LLC is a custom forage harvesting business started in 2007 by Glen and Linda, Jantzen. Today, Glen and Linda are equipped with three Claas forage harvesters, 2 baggers, and the trucks and supporting equipment necessary to take care of all of your harvesting needs anytime, anywhere.

http://jantzenharvesting.com/   [found 29137 times]

12. Schroeder Harvesting Inc. (3)
   Inman, Kansas    620-727-3476

Larry and Nancy Schroeder owners of Schroeder Harvesting, Inc located in Inman, Kansas have actively been enjoying harvesting crops for their customers since 1989. They cut small and large grain crops.

http://schroederharvesting.com   [found 51940 times]

13. Freddie Lennox Harvesting (3)
   Union City, Oklahoma    405-464-8518

The crops we harvest include: corn, soy beans, milo, barley, wheat, canola, oats and lentils. Our harvest season takes us through Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas and South Dakota.

https://lennoxharvesting.com/   [found 32773 times]

14. Davis Custom Harvesting (3)
   Denton, Kansas    785-850-0390

We operate two Gleaner combines equipped with MacDon flex Drapers and corn heads. Peterbilt semis, and all supporting equipment. We harvest wheat, canola, peas, corn, soybeans, and milo from Texas to the Canadian border. Please contact us for any of your harvesting needs!

https://daviscustomharvesting.com   [found 40530 times]

15. Gary Frank Harvesting, LLC (3)
   Scott City, Kansas    620-874-1295

Our harvest starts in May in Northern Texas, then to Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Montana. We harvest wheat, corn, milo, soybeans, peas, sunflowers, lentils, etc. "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, will never cease." Gary Frank Harvesting, LLC.

https://www.frankharvesting.com   [found 34734 times]

16. Dolechek Harvesting and Trucking (3)
   Claflin, Kansas    620-793-4942

We travel the central plains harvesting wheat, corn, soybeans, canola, peas, lentils, milo, and other various crops. We harvest in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, and will go where you need us! We offer a direct farmer to owner relationship, coupled with new Case IH equipment and Peterbilt semis for an efficient, reliable, and stress-free harvest.

https://dolechekharvesting.com   [found 40226 times]

17. Green Acres Enterprises, Inc. (3)
   Elk City, Oklahoma    580-374-3172

We bale straw, harvest canola and sesame straight with minimal loss, and corn. We have a grain cart with scale making sure to keep track of the bushels that are harvested on each field. Combines are equipped with yield monitors and mapping capability allowing us to provide useful information to our customers for their management needs.

https://greenacresenterprises.com/   [found 35803 times]

18. Horsemans Corner (2)
   Minatare, Nebraska    308-783-2150

Howard Hale interviews people involved in the world of horses

http://www.horsemanscorner.com   [found 258127 times]

19. Skinner Harvesting LLC (2)
   Emporia, Kansas    620-340-2843

Skinner Harvesting provides quality work to our customers when the crop is ripe and the push to get it harvested is at hand.

http://www.skinnerharvesting.com   [found 172473 times]

20. Grove Harvesting (2)
   Superior, Nebraska    402-879-4916

Grove Harvesting travels from southern Oklahoma to northern North Dakota harvesting and following the wheat belt. Then returns in the fall to harvest corn, soybeans, and milo around the southern Nebraska and northern Kansas area.

http://www.groveharvesting.com   [found 173175 times]

21. The Great American Wheat Harvest Movie (2)
   Frederick, Maryland    406 690-5503

a documentary film that tells the story of hard-working custom harvesters who travel from the heart of Texas to the Canadian border harvesting the wheat that feeds our Great Country and the World.

http://www.greatamericanwheatharvest.com   [found 68103 times]

22. Olsen Custom Farms (2)
   Hendricks, Minnesota    507-275-3176

Our custom harvesting and combine rental business runs 70 plus combines from Oklahoma to Canada. We harvest wheat, milo, canola, corn and soybeans and haul the grain as needed.

http://www.olsencustomfarms.com/   [found 154684 times]

23. Roland Harvesting and Trucking (2)
   Hemingford, Nebraska    308-760-0396

Roland Harvesting has been running New Holland twin rotors for 30 years. Every summer Roland Harvesting heads south to Texas and works their way north through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and back to Hemingford as they follow the wheat harvest. In August, they travel to North Dakota to complete the wheat run and into Wyoming to harvest malting barley. The season is finished in late fall with corn, bean, millet, and sunflower harvest in the panhandle of Nebraska.

http://www.rolandharvesting.com   [found 152339 times]

24. Maurer Harvesting and Trucking (2)
   Ipswich, South Dakota    605-380-0002

We are custom harvesters that travel from Texas to North Dakota. We operate eight combines and all supporting equipment. We harvest all types of grain. Wheat, barley, canola, sunflowers, soybeans, peas, sorghum, lentils, corn and milo. As well as haul the grain as needed.

https://www.maurerharvesting.com/   [found 38687 times]

25. Orrson Custom Farming Ltd.
   Apple Creek, Ohio    330-465-0002
   https://www.facebook.com/OCFcrew/   [found 14327 times]

26. C and K Harvesting and Trucking
   Cuba, Kansas    785-556-8962
   http://www.ckharvesting.com/   [found 23984 times]

27. D&H Field Services, Inc
   Osakis, Minnesota    320-352-6746
   http://www.dhfieldservices.com/   [found 15879 times]

28. Westlake Harvesting
   Crookston, Minnesota    218-281-1819
   https://www.westlakeharvesting.com/   [found 34381 times]

29. D and C Custom Harvesting
   Auburn, Indiana    260-925-5124
   https://www.facebook.com/D-C-Custom-Harvesting-1571536969583892/   [found 20816 times]

30. Outlaw Ag, LLC
   Stratton, Colorado    970-554-0037
   https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Agricultural-Cooperative/Outlaw-Ag-LLC-466667093457266/   [found 30158 times]

31. Chris Brull Harvesting
   Victoria, Kansas    (785) 623-0952
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=96952   [found 5279 times]

32. Troyer Harvesting
   Muleshoe, Texas    806-315-2472
   https://www.facebook.com/micahtroyer.harvesting   [found 6467 times]

33. Berkgren Harvesting
   Oakley, Kansas    785-672-7237
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98309   [found 5535 times]

34. Bob Anderson Harvesting & Trucking
   Michigan, North Dakota    701-259-2353
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98318   [found 7537 times]

35. Boyles Harvesting & Trucking
   Burr Oak, Kansas    785-647-8421
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98319   [found 7033 times]

36. Hughes Harvesting, LLC
   Ellinwood, Kansas    620-617-7770
   https://www.facebook.com/Hughes-Harvesting-LLC-110845473803/   [found 9688 times]

37. Parker Trucking and Harvesting, Inc.
   Waterville, Kansas    785-456-4095
   https://www.facebook.com/parkertruckingandharvestingofficial/   [found 11184 times]

38. Breinig Farms Inc
   Arapahoe, Nebraska    308-962-7206
   http://breinigfarms.com   [found 9573 times]

39. Lambley Harvesting
   Hooker, Oklahoma    620-629-7884
   https://www.facebook.com/LambleyHarvesting   [found 3929 times]

40. Red Thunder Farms
   Heartwell, Nebraska    308-830-0723
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98520   [found 9357 times]

41. Diamond S Harvesting
   Whitesboro, Texas    903-815-2892
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98521   [found 1788 times]

42. Dix Custom Harvesting, LLC
   Stockton, Kansas    785-205-0041
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98522   [found 2062 times]

43. Ebbers Custom Forage
   Watertown, South Dakota    605-929-1807
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98524   [found 2059 times]

44. Erker Harvesting
   Cheyenne Wells, Colorado    719-340-5855
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98527   [found 1641 times]

45. Ginther Harvesting, LLC
   Luray, Kansas    785-483-0657
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98537   [found 1619 times]

46. Greer Enterprises
   Vega, Texas    806-570-5615
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98543   [found 1566 times]

47. Handy Harvesters
   Scobey, Montana    406-671-7210
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98550   [found 2575 times]

48. Hillside Farms Inc
   Lexington, Nebraska    (308) 324-3580
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98564   [found 9335 times]

49. Stan Huiting Trucking LLC
   Downs, Kansas    785-454-3692
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98289   [found 5011 times]

50. Strunk Harvesting
   Silver Lake, Kansas    785-582-5359
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98623   [found 5617 times]

51. Morgan Forage Harvesting
   Rexford, Kansas    (785) 855-2283
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98625   [found 6066 times]

52. Stevens' Entities, Inc
   Fordyce, Nebraska    402-357-3710
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98711   [found 1751 times]

53. Priesser Farms and Harvesting
   Cunningham, Kansas    920-243-4214
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98857   [found 8589 times]

54. Kahrs Harvesting
   Clay Center, Kansas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11841   [found 7014 times]

55. Kraus Custom Forage Harvesting, LLP
   Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
   http://www.kcfhllp.com   [found 7890 times]

56. Heil Harvesting
   Ulysses, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/MarkHeilHarvesting/   [found 6209 times]

57. Kulhanek Harvesting
   Colby, Kansas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11670   [found 11358 times]

58. Barth Harvesting
   Campbell, Minnesota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11686   [found 8258 times]

59. Ehmen Harvesting and Trucking
   Sterling, Nebraska
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11707   [found 9615 times]

60. Heinrichs Harvesting
   Davenport, Nebraska
   https://www.facebook.com/heinrichsharvesting/   [found 7089 times]

61. Zeorian Harvesting and Trucking
   Manley, Nebraska
   https://nebraskawheatie.com/   [found 21462 times]

62. Altendorf Harvesting
   Minto, North Dakota
   https://www.altendorfinc.com/   [found 3625 times]

63. Braathen Bros Farms and Harvesting
   Starkweather, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11746   [found 11780 times]

64. Eberts Harvesting, Inc
   South Heart, North Dakota
   https://www.facebook.com/Eberts-Harvesting-Inc-200169096731634/   [found 91757 times]

65. Kraft Harvesting
   Munich, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11750   [found 5843 times]

66. Thurman Harvesting, Inc
   Burlington, Oklahoma
   http://www.thurmanharvesting.com   [found 83920 times]

67. Dobson Harvesting & Trucking
   Morton, Texas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=11825   [found 6810 times]

68. Keimig Harvesting
   Sterling, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/MikeAndKathieKeimigHarvesting/   [found 38627 times]

69. Zimmerman Farms LLC
   Bishop, Texas
   https://www.facebook.com/Zimmerman-Farms-LLC-119187521516508/   [found 18850 times]

70. Hoffman Harvesting, Inc
   Bowdle, South Dakota
   https://www.hoffmanharvesting.com   [found 19067 times]

71. Plains Equipment Group
   McCook, Nebraska
   http://www.plainsequipmentgroup.com   [found 74369 times]

72. AGA Parts - Farm Equipment & Tractor Parts
   Brooklyn, New York
   http://www.aga-parts.com/industries/agriculture-farm-equipment-parts/   [found 56584 times]

73. Demaray Harvesting and Trucking, LLC
   Casa Grande, Arizona
   http://demarayharvesting.com   [found 43136 times]

74. Bish Enterprises
   Giltner, Nebraska
   https://bishenterprise.com/   [found 29604 times]

75. Craig Custom Swathing and Haying
   Nunn, Colorado
   https://www.facebook.com/craigcustomhaying/   [found 20054 times]

76. Carlson Harvesting, Inc.
   Goodridge , Minnesota
   http://www.carlsonharvesting.com/   [found 34096 times]

77. Husker Harvest Days
   Wood River, Nebraska
   http://www.huskerharvestdays.com/   [found 30823 times]

78. Anderson Harvesting, LLC
   Bridgeport, Nebraska
   http://www.andersonharvesting.com/   [found 30964 times]

79. BT Harvesting
   Burlington, Oklahoma
   https://www.facebook.com/btharvesting/   [found 35410 times]

80. DeBock Harvesting
   Mutual, Oklahoma
   https://www.facebook.com/DeBockHarvesting/   [found 30141 times]

81. Degen Harvest, LLC
   Ellendale, Minnesota
   http://degenharvest.com/   [found 31474 times]

82. Dohrmann Enterprises
   Waite Park, Minnesota
   http://www.dohrmannenterprises.com/   [found 13404 times]

83. Duffek Implement
   Seward, Nebraska
   http://www.gleanerheads.com/   [found 12055 times]

84. Farris Brothers, Inc
   Edson, Kansas
   http://www.farrisbrothersharvesting.com/   [found 28886 times]

85. Frederick Harvesting
   Alden, Kansas
   http://www.frederickharvesting.com/   [found 33348 times]

86. Friesen Harvesting
   Meade, Kansas
   http://www.friesenharvesting.com/   [found 42658 times]

87. Froese Brothers Custom Harvesting
   Inman, Kansas
   http://www.froesebrothers.com/   [found 35162 times]

88. HD Custom Forage Harvesting
   Corning, Iowa
   https://www.facebook.com/HD-Custom-Forage-Harvesting-LLC-1287124991371050/   [found 23781 times]

89. High Plains Harvesting
   Hays, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/HighPlainsHarvesting/   [found 24916 times]

90. Johnson Harvesting, Inc
   Evansville, Minnesota
   http://johnsonharvesting.com/   [found 31964 times]

91. Keller Bros Harvesting & Trucking INC
   Ellis, Kansas
   http://www.kellerbrosharvesting.com/   [found 35394 times]

92. Kevin Huffman Farms
   McGregor, Texas
   http://www.khfarms5.com/   [found 32061 times]

93. Kvasnicka Harvesting & Wildcats Farms
   Peabody, Kansas
   http://ahharvesting.wixsite.com/kvasnickaharvesting   [found 30948 times]

94. NBA Harvesting, LLC
   Dannebrog, Nebraska
   https://www.nbafarms.com/   [found 33241 times]

95. Neumiller Harvesting, Inc
   Bowdon, North Dakota
   http://www.neumillerharvesting.com/   [found 24250 times]

96. Greg Thurman on Cattleman's Corner [1:59]

   https://www.spreaker.com/episode/19534261   [found 10791 times]

97. Orgain Farms & Harvesting
   Cheyenne, Oklahoma
   https://www.facebook.com/OrgainHarvesting/   [found 21121 times]

98. Paplow Harvesting and Trucking
   Worthington, Minnesota
   http://www.paplowusa.com/our-services/   [found 32226 times]

99. Parsons Harvesting and Trucking
   Harrisburg, Nebraska
   https://www.facebook.com/Parsons-Harvesting-Trucking-1552206468390147/   [found 25182 times]

100. Schiltz Custom Harvesting
   Selden, Kansas
   https://schiltzharvesting.com/   [found 29988 times]

101. Schneider Farms and Harvesting, LLC
   Rush Center, Kansas
   http://www.schneiderfarmsandharvesting.com/   [found 35836 times]

102. Sugden Harvesting, Inc
   Hallock, Minnesota
   http://www.sugdenharvesting.com/   [found 29706 times]

103. Thompson Family Harvesting, LLC
   Lewiston, Minnesota
   https://www.facebook.com/ThompsonFamilyHarvestingLLC/   [found 29122 times]

104. Thompson Harvesting and Trucking
   Burdett, Kansas
   http://www.thompsonharvesting.com/   [found 28743 times]

105. Upper Midwest Pumping
   Long Prairie, Minnesota
   http://uppermidwestpumping.com/   [found 9313 times]

106. Tribine
   Newton, Kansas
   https://tribine.com/   [found 13220 times]

107. Wrights Trucking and Harvesting, LLC
   Bridgeport, Nebraska
   https://www.wrightsllc.com/   [found 29116 times]

108. Sanders Harvesting and Trucking
   Floydada, Texas
   https://www.facebook.com/Sandersharvestingtrucking/   [found 11899 times]

109. Thouvenel Harvesting, LLC
   Versailles, Missouri
   https://www.facebook.com/ThouvenelHarvestingLLC/   [found 24483 times]

110. Hemp Harvest Works
   Lincoln, Nebraska
   https://www.hempharvestworks.com/   [found 39703 times]

111. 3-Deer Photos
   Inman, Kansas
   https://www.3-deerphotos.com/   [found 25807 times]

112. HitchPin LLC
   Manhatten, Kansas
   https://www.hitchpin.com/   [found 26387 times]

113. Erickson Harvesting
   Colgate, North Dakota
   https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Agriculture/Erickson-Custom-Harvesting-586781094993854/   [found 18403 times]

114. Misener Family Harvesters
   Elk City, Oklahoma
   https://www.facebook.com/MisenerFamilyHarvesters/   [found 21674 times]

115. Crabtree Farms and Harvesting
   Stratford, Texas
   https://www.facebook.com/crabtreefarmsandharvesting/   [found 26606 times]

116. Martin and Miller Harvesting, LLC
   Thomas, Oklahoma
   https://www.facebook.com/MartinandMillerHarvesting/   [found 18041 times]

117. James Harvesting, LLC
   Meretta, Texas
   https://www.facebook.com/jamesgangharvest/   [found 12548 times]

118. Briggs Farms and Harvesting
   Imperial, Nebraska
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=96686   [found 11625 times]

119. Burnside Custom Harvesting LLC
   Vallonia, Indiana
   https://www.facebook.com/BurnsideCustomHarvesting/   [found 6269 times]

120. Cline Harvesting
   Minneapolis, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/clineharvesting   [found 4517 times]

121. Barr Harvesting Inc
   Glen Allan, Mississippi
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98302   [found 5746 times]

122. Bartels Havesting
   Hemingford, Nebraska
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98304   [found 7336 times]

123. Berg Harvesting
   Starkweather, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98308   [found 5492 times]

124. Berning Farms
   Scott City, Kansas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98310   [found 8178 times]

125. Birch Creek Farm Services Inc
   Odessa, Minnesota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98311   [found 8805 times]

126. Bjornstad Harvesting
   Langdon, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98312   [found 5711 times]

127. Black Falcon Enterprises LLC
   Pratt, Kansas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98313   [found 5522 times]

128. Blahut Harvesting
   Webster Groves, Missouri
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98314   [found 5046 times]

129. Blumer Harvesting
   Marysville, Kansas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98316   [found 5210 times]

130. Brad Befort Harvesting
   Hays, Kansas
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98320   [found 6660 times]

131. Broadwater Ag Services
   Preston, Minnesota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98321   [found 5478 times]

132. Brown Harvesting
   Devils Lake, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98491   [found 5684 times]

133. Buck Harvesting
   Manvel, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98492   [found 5760 times]

134. BXL, Inc.
   Savage, Montana
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98494   [found 6646 times]

135. Coles Harvesting and Trucking
   Mainsburg, Pennsylvania
   https://www.facebook.com/Colesharvestingandtrucking/   [found 7346 times]

136. Corcoran Custom Services
   Batavia, New York
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98517   [found 5666 times]

137. Collins Family Farms
   Murdock, Minnesota
   http://collinsfamilyfarms.com/   [found 4065 times]

138. Gittlein Harvesting
   Bentonville, Arkansas
   https://www.gittleinharvesting.com/   [found 2766 times]

139. H and H Harvesting
   McCanna, North Dakota
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98541   [found 10363 times]

140. Hearn Farms Inc.
   Stafford, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/Hearn-Farms-Inc-160361947327968/   [found 8438 times]

141. J and A Forage Services
   Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98575   [found 7481 times]

142. Jack Little Farms
   Spokane, Louisiana
   https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Farm/Jack-Little-Farms-LLC-and-Custom-Harvesting-345138249676155/   [found 9073 times]

143. Jay K Smith Harvesting
   Wetmore, Kansas
   https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Farm/Jay-Kay-Smith-TruckingHarvesting-Country-Living-Adventures-230356710886213/   [found 6558 times]

144. Jay Procter Farms, Inc
   Lingleville, Texas
   https://www.jpfarmsinc.com/   [found 8043 times]

145. Jeff Paplow Harvesting
   Roscoe, South Dakota
   https://www.facebook.com/Jeff-Paplow-Harvesting-892323774143200/   [found 4154 times]

146. JHS Harvesting LLC
   Tylertown, Mississippi
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98580   [found 5964 times]

147. Jim Schneller
   Oakland, Kentucky
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98581   [found 7784 times]

148. Jones Harvesting
   Greenfield, Iowa
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98582   [found 4968 times]

149. Jr's Harvesting Inc
   Eureka, South Dakota
   https://www.facebook.com/jrsharvesting/   [found 4249 times]

150. Jared Schemper Harvesting
   Holdrege, Nebraska
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98644   [found 16643 times]

151. LaVern Schemper Harvesting
   Holdrege, Nebraska
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98645   [found 16619 times]

152. Lonnie Schemper Harvesting
   Holdrege, Nebraska
   https://agsearch.us/uschi-member.php?ID=98646   [found 16626 times]

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