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1. Troyer Auctioneers, Inc (3)
   Fort Lupton, Colorado    970 785-6282

Specializing in draft horses, crossbred, driving horses, wagons, buggies, carriages, horse-drawn farm equipment, farm related antiques, harness, for sale at auction 3 times a year.   [found 194003 times]

2. Pitzer Ranch Horse Sale (3)
   Ericson, Nebraska    308-653-2134

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ATTENDED OR BID ONLINE! View SALE VIDEOS or Download our 2019 SALE CATALOG.   [found 33086 times]

3. Lauing Ranch Quarter Horses (3)
   Blunt, South Dakota    (605) 962-6372

Lauing Ranch strives to breed horses with superior conformation, pedigree, athletic ability, and disposition that can do anything and look great doing it.   [found 207 times]

4. Horsemans Corner (2)
   Minatare, Nebraska    308-783-2150

Howard Hale interviews people involved in the world of horses   [found 233082 times]

5. Petersens Quarter Horses (2)
   Bayard, Nebraska    (308) 586-2405

devoted to promoting solid well bred performance quarter horses.   [found 166256 times]

6. Twombly Arena Performance Horses (2)
   Bayard, Nebraska    308-783-1866

Twombly Arena Performance Horse Sale. Specializing in team roping horses. Lots of BUCKSKINS and DUNS!   [found 151806 times]

7. Western Trail Horses (2)
   Sterling, Colorado    (970) 580-9081

Western Trail Horses is a training and sales center for all breeds of horses and is operated by Warren Thompson.   [found 175719 times]

8. Triple S Morgans (2)
   Scottsbluff, Nebraska    (308) 632-5225

Triple S Morgans have been raising Morgan Horses for nearly 50 years. Breeding stock and broke geldings for sale from Old Government Bloodlines. Our horses excel in reining, Dressage and other sport horse events.   [found 111509 times]

9. Dennis Cattle Co (2)
   Terral, Oklahoma    (580) 662-9211

Guided hunts that include wild hogs, Whitetale deer, Rio Grande turkey, and Bobwhite quail. We also offer hog eradication by helicopter, sales of Hereford Cattle, and Quarter Horses.   [found 192445 times]

10. Emporia Livestock Sales Co. (2)
   Emporia, Kansas    (620) 342-2425   [found 114557 times]

  11. Mantz Creek Horses
   Douglas, Wyoming    307-331-8953   [found 50861 times]

12. Testa Rossa Ranch, LTD.
   Henrietta, Texas   [found 39517 times]

13. Equine Now
   Encinitas, California   [found 28507 times]

14. Scotts Bluff County Fair
   Mitchell, Nebraska   [found 233733 times]

15. Hermiston Horse Sale
   Hermiston, Oregon   [found 55084 times]

16. Hale Broadcasting
   Minatare, Nebraska   [found 215131 times]

17. McIntyre Ranches
   Wolbach, Nebraska   [found 38657 times]

18. Wolfe Ranch Quarter Horses
   Sulphur, Oklahoma   [found 27113 times]

19. Richland Ranch Inc.
   Auburn, Illinois   [found 40119 times]

   ,   [found 39483 times]

21. Stagecoach Pass Farm
   Duraqnd, Illinois   [found 44621 times]

22. Hatch's Quarter Horses
   Superior, Nebraska   [found 42375 times]

23. Crull Paint Horses
   Monticello, Indiana   [found 41947 times]

24. Bagley Performance Horses
   Dimmitt, Texas   [found 60116 times]

25. Main River Quarter Horses
   Gainesville, Texas   [found 52264 times]

26. Singing Pines Plantation
   Glenwood, Georgia   [found 33833 times]

27. Hughes Quarter Horses
   Burleson, Texas   [found 35746 times]

28. Come to the Source
   Ft. Collins, Colorado   [found 52292 times]

29. Bruce Laird LLC
   Torrington, Wyoming   [found 117617 times]

30. Allen's Quarter Horses
   Lexington, Texas   [found 46304 times]

31. Ellis Quarter Horses
   Neenah, Wisconsin   [found 42441 times]

32. Longhorn M Quarter and Paint Horses
   Boston, Kentucky   [found 51956 times]

33. Schimke Ranch Performance Horses
   Wessington Springs, South Dakota   [found 69994 times]

34. Rafter H Horses
   Power, Montana   [found 29475 times]

35. Kenzy Ranch
   Iona, South Dakota   [found 28979 times]

36. Billings Livestock Commission
   Billings, Montana   [found 114963 times]

37. Craig Cameron Working Clinics
   Bluff Dale, Texas   [found 25821 times]

38. Open Spear Ranch
   Melville, Montana   [found 44428 times]

39. Ferguson Angus
   Agra, Kansas   [found 131529 times]

40. 74 Ranch
   Torrington, Wyoming   [found 51884 times]

41. Melvin Ranch
   Hermosa, South Dakota   [found 27753 times]

42. Gaitway Farm
   Wausau, Wisconsin   [found 31674 times]

43. Webb Ranches, LLC
   Volin, South Dakota   [found 52206 times]

44. Lord Lovat's Farm
   Mt. Pleasant, Iowa   [found 35335 times]

45. KeSa Quarter Horses
   Ault, Colorado   [found 156254 times]

46. McPhaul Performance Horses
   Arvada, Colorado   [found 27833 times]

47. Bridle-Bit Training and Tack, LLC
   Wellington, Colorado   [found 79944 times]

48. Bashor Ranch
   Grover, Colorado   [found 77081 times]

49. Treffer Ranch
   Broken Bow, Nebraska   [found 158473 times]

50. Coyote Creek Ranch
   Winona, Texas   [found 30096 times]

51. PuntaCi Ranch
   Gainesville, Texas   [found 43899 times]

52. Universal Semen Sales, Inc.
   Great Falls, Montana   [found 184537 times]

53. South Dakota Horse Sales
   Mitchell, South Dakota   [found 33106 times]

54. Legacy Reining Breeders and Consignment Sale
   Aubrey, Texas   [found 53989 times]

55. Darling 888 Ranch
   Princeton, Kentucky   [found 37271 times]

56. Sterling Ranch
   Pilot Point, Texas   [found 62473 times]

57. Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses
   Aubrey, Texas   [found 29244 times]

58. Cinder Lakes Ranch
   Valley View, Texas   [found 46903 times]

59. Green Valley Ranch
   Aubrey, Texas   [found 38475 times]

60. Woodward Livestock Auction, Inc.
   Woodward, Oklahoma   [found 54865 times]

61. Hendricks Reining Horses Inc.
   Tioga, Texas   [found 31288 times]

62. Crumpler Brothers Horses
   Wichita Falls, Texas   [found 39943 times]

63. Keslar Performance Horses
   Hyannis, Nebraska   [found 31240 times]

64. Lazy K Arena
   Grand Island, Nebraska   [found 46078 times]

65. Randle Performance Horses LLC
   Kiowa, Colorado   [found 77556 times]

66. Bedonna's Stallion Station
   Snyder, Oklahoma   [found 16510 times]

67. Circle Star Ranch
   Pontotoc, Texas   [found 13440 times]

68. C and M Farm
   Sharpsburg, Maryland   [found 17173 times]

69. Sean Johnson Performance Horses
   Glenpool, Oklahoma   [found 13983 times]

70. Shannon Creek Quarter Horses
   Olsburg, Kansas   [found 25821 times]

71. Tanglewood Farm
   Canton, Georgia   [found 14187 times]

72. Sage Spring Churros
   Bayfield, Colorado   [found 14955 times]

73. Mississippi View Farm
   Sauk Rapids, Minnesota   [found 10014 times]

74. Rose View Farms
   Ionia, Michigan   [found 12724 times]

75. Billings Livestock Horse Sales
   Billings, Montana   [found 5222 times]

76. Double J Horse Sales
   Ray, North Dakota   [found 4300 times]

77. Full House Horse Sale
   Newcastle, Wyoming   [found 4804 times]

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